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Swiss & Japanese
The difference between Swiss and Japanese grade designer watches is the steel grade that is being used, as well as the manufacturing process and machinery. Japanese grade watches use 316L steel while the Swiss grade is manufactured from 904L steel which is a much durable, rust and corrosion-resistant but at the same time more costly and complicated to produce. Swiss grade watches are manufactured machinery that is cloned to match the Swiss technology and standards, therefore a higher order accuracy and finishing is to be expected.
The main difference in Swiss and Japanese grade watches is the machanism that makes it work. Swiss grade replica watches feature Swiss ETA movement or an alternative, depending on the model, which is more accurate, complex, with more jewels. And of course, more expensive. Japanese grade respectively has a Japanese movement inside, which is also highly accurate, but real replica watch enthusiasts prefer to know that the machanism is Swiss.
Over all
Japanese grade watches are not waterproof, they are water resistant, do not confuse. For Japanese grade the chronograph is working only with quartz movements, if it's an automatic movement, the chronograph is not functional. Swiss grade replica watches have a 36 two 72 hours watch reserve, while the Japanese up to 24.